dryer sheet dispenser on the wall

Dryer Sheet Dispenser: Reasons to BUY and stop DIY

The laundry day is one that can either be great fun or one that can drag on endlessly. Whether you enjoy spending time in your laundry room rummaging through the piles of clothes and folding them into tidy piles or see it as a task you are incapable of surmounting is often a slight difference that can be made by something as simple as the right laundry room accessories.

Well, we’ve got just the thing for you: a dryer sheet dispenser that will not only add a sleek look to your laundry room, but one that will also make the task of running around to find the dryer sheets a thing of the past. Nonetheless, the question remains: should you buy or DIY your dryer sheet dispenser? At A.J.A. & MORE, we find that the laundry day is one that should be pleasant and not time-consuming, hence why we created this product to help you save on time. So, let’s take a look at the various reasons why you should buy the dispenser rather than DIY it.

dryer sheet dispenser on the wall


1. Can you afford to take the time to start another project?

Time is a precious thing. After all, one thing is for certain: time will keep on running its course, whether we like it or not. As such, time is something that we shouldn’t simply be throwing away on projects that can be made simpler and more time efficient. Time is also money, which is why a dryer sheet dispenser DIY may not be the right choice. Don’t get us wrong– we’re all for self-sufficiency and doing things that bring out our creative side. However, when it comes to creating a new piece or starting a new project, can you afford to take the time to search the various dispensers, to buy the supplies, and to try tirelessly to come up with an outcome that may not be as efficient and nice-looking?

2. Could your time be better spent on something else in the laundry room?

Again, time is a precious thing. Doing the laundry is something that already takes a lot of time, so why make this even more complicated? Instead, it is possible to save time and possibly money simply by purchasing an item that was made for that exact reason. Our dryer sheet dispenser was made so that it could be added to your laundry room without being too much of a hassle; the magnet is strong but doesn’t leave scratches and the dispenser can hold up to 120 sheets at a time. So, why bother creating something from scratch? Or, in other words, why bother re-creating the wheel when it is there, ready for you to use more efficiently and without it costing your time?

3. Will the DIY be worth the results?

Although using DIY projects may be a fun use of one’s time, it often ends up being a result that we are somewhat happy with. Or, the result is great-looking, but not so efficient to use. If you spend hours working on a project that only ends up being somewhat helpful, perhaps it is time that you can use on another DIY project for something that isn’t already on the market. Instead of spending money and time on creating a DIY for a product. We have created a dryer sheet dispenser to make your life simpler, take the energy and time to create something beautiful and even more creative! The results may not please you otherwise, and you may end up wishing that you had just purchased it in the first place– the same is true for our lint bin! Of course, that’s totally up to you!

4. You can’t return a DIY project.

Once it’s done, it’s done. The materials have been used, the glitter is one (and everywhere around it), and the stickers have been applied. If you are unhappy with the result, or if it ends up looking less than appealing, or worse, if it only makes your life harder and you can’t use the DIY-ed dispenser because it doesn’t fit the sheets properly or makes them smell bizarre, you’ve just thrown money down the drain.

Instead, why not avoid this and invest in something that works well? At A.J.A. & MORE, we care about making your laundry day more pleasant. This also includes a few perks, such as saving time and money, but most importantly, giving you that extra flexibility.


If you don’t like our dryer sheet dispenser or if you are left unsatisfied, you can return it. Similarly, we have a warranty to ensure your satisfaction! You simply need to click the button and you’ve got your dispenser on the way, just about to arrive. Unlike a DIY, you know exactly what you will be getting and you can rest assured that it works just as it is intended to.

Our dryer sheet dispenser was created so that you can get rid of the extra stuff on your shelves and to make it easier for people to reach the item without having to awkwardly bend over the dryer or reach up to places that are hard to find.

Similarly, it is more user-friendly and an anti fire-hazard as you don’t have to worry about finding dryer sheets that flew behind your dryer, jeopardizing your laundry room and home. With our dryer sheet dispenser, you can say goodbye to running around the house for the dryer sheets, and you don’t have to sit around for hours trying to design a DIY version that may not be as effective, aesthetically-pleasing, or magnetic as the A.J.A. & MORE version.

Are you curious about it yet? Try it out today, risk-free, as our warranty guarantees your satisfaction. Make full use of your time, space, and money with the A.J.A. & MORE dryer sheet dispenser.

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A magnetic dryer sheet dispenser on a washer

Magnetic dryer sheet dispenser- 3 reasons you need it

If you’ve ever found yourself running around the house trying to find the final few things to set the next batch of laundry in the dryer, you just know how frustrating it can get. All is set to go, the dryer is waiting for the sheet it’s longing for, but it’s nowhere to be found. On laundry day, we have all found ourselves searching for the box of laundry dryer sheets or dryer balls, but can’t locate them anywhere in the house. Where socks get mysteriously lost in the dryer, the dryer sheets seem to suspiciously find themselves anywhere in the house but in the laundry room. Well, we are here with good news: no more searching around like a crazy person around the house! With our magnetic dryer sheet dispenser, we’ve got the solution for a much smoother and more agreeable laundry day. This article will give you three reasons why you need a dryer sheet dispenser in your laundry room.


1. With a Dryer Sheet Dispenser No more running around!

We are all very busy people. Whenever the laundry day arrives, one thing is for certain: we don’t want to be running around the house trying to locate things that should be easily found. Instead of fumbling around old boxes of dryer sheets and adding on to the piling mess that may be your current laundry room, a dryer sheet dispenser provides you with an easy way to organize your laundry room. The dryer sheet dispenser by A.J.A. & MORE can hold up to a box of 120 dryer sheets; however, you can remove the dryer sheets from the original box and get even more inside the magnetic dryer sheet dispenser. And what’s even better? Our dryer sheet dispenser has a large mouth opening for you to pull out one or more dryer sheets with ease. With a super strong, non-scratch magnet, you can simply attach the dryer sheet dispenser to the side or front of your washer or dryer and let the worry go.  Those dryer sheets will be right where you left them when you wake up the next morning instead of having magically appeared elsewhere in the house.

2. A Magnetic dryer sheet dispenser will help free up some space!

Depending on the size of your laundry room, you may be struggling to find space to fit all your amenities and the laundry necessities. Whether you are on a mission to declutter your laundry room, or looking to do a laundry room makeover that makes it all look much more put-together and stylish, consider including the dryer sheet dispenser to help this happen. By utilizing the empty space around your washer or dryer rather than the shelves to accumulate old dryer sheet boxes, you can easily free up needed cabinet or countertop areas for other necessities. With space being a premium in most laundry rooms, we know that any space saving can make a huge difference both in the looks of your laundry room and in how user-friendly it is. There are many things that you could do with the extra space, from using it for other helpful tools or to putting up pretty-looking organization boxes. With our light grey and off-white dryer sheet dispensers, you are sure to have loads of fun on laundry day and beyond without running around and without struggling for space. This also means that you can kiss goodbye to the piling boxes of old dryer sheets and can get rid of off-putting rubber band-held dryer sheet packages.

A magnetic dryer sheet dispenser on a washer

3. No more reaching up

At A.J.A. & MORE, we don’t only focus on making your laundry day more pleasant, but we also like being able to help those who struggle with day-to-day tasks by making certain tasks easier to perform. Concretely, this means that our products also help our clients do things more smoothly without hurting themselves. For example, if you have a bad back, or if you struggle with mobility, you can do laundry without the added stress or added pain. With the dryer sheet dispenser, not only is your laundry room more organized, but you can start adding dryer sheets to your laundry loads without hurting your back or other body areas which may be aching. The magnet attached to the dryer sheet dispenser sticks tightly to the dryer or washer without leaving a mark which means that even if you change your machines, you won’t be left with a product that you can’t reuse. And, instead of painfully bending over the dryer or reaching up in a cabinet for the sheets while blindly patting around it to locate the box, you can much more easily find it, pain-free. An extra bonus? Instead of leaving dryer sheets around the room which may fall behind the dryer, you can rest assured that this fire hazard is out of the way.

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Does this sound like something that may be of help to you? Perhaps you are looking for a way to declutter your laundry room or maybe you just want an appliance that will help you keep the dryer sheets where they need to be without wasting half the sheets due to poor packaging. In any case, our dryer sheet dispenser can help you for all these reasons. Make your laundry room a more pleasant and user-friendly one to be in with the A.J.A. & MORE dryer sheet dispenser.